How to buy a healthy frog?

So, in this post I would like to tell you how to buy a *probably healthy* frog. We all love frogs and it is hard for us when they are gone. So, to buy a frog that should live for many years, you should:

  • First of all, if you order frogs via shipment, order them only from checked people. It is always better to travel by yourself to get the frogs, but if you cannot, buy them from someone that is well known in froglovers society or a shop with good opinions.
  • Check how the animals were treated, is their tank clear, did they had a lots of space, are they in single or multi-species tank.
  • Ask seller how long did they have them, did they had any problems with them, are they CB or WC (captive breed or wild caught), how old are they and so on. WC frogs are often ill and/or infected with parasites. Huge amount of these dies in first six months.
  • Ask the seller can they show you feeding of frogs. A frog with good appetite will be saver pick than one, that don’t want to it.
  • Finally, ask seller can they put out the frogs and let you look closely at them. Don’t buy thin frogs, frogs with strange skinchanges, wounds (as it happens sometimes, and it is hellish hard to save such animal). Animal without a leg or an eye, if it is healed, is completely save to pick (you can even get them at lower price) and they are sometimes even more endurable than their healthy specimens (like my One-Eye, Kassina maculata male)
  • Additional thing you shoud look on, is how the frog acts. Is it frog that should be very active, but even poked they seem undisturbed? Or maybe this species should hide all the time and your specimen/s are sitting on the middle of everything, not caring for it. Nocturnal species active only in daylight? This is usually sign, that something is wrong.



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