Kassina maculata

Type: Arboreal, mainly nocturnal frog

Size: 6-8,5 cm long

Sexual dimorphism: Males have visible vocal sacks on their throats.

Preferred temperature: 15-28 C

Preferred humidity: 60% during dry period (2-3 moths), 100% during rain season (2-3 months),rainchamber highly recommended), rest of the year something between (70-80% is good enough).

Night/day cycle: 12h

Diet: Medium sized insects

Description: Kassina frogs are great for beginners, as they are quite durable and they adapt quickly to new environment. They are also quite easy to “tame”, making them great pets. They look hilarious and they are easy to keep in groups, as they show no signs of aggression. In nature, these frogs are threatened “only” by standard amphibian problems – environmental degradation and catching for private collections.

Care: These frogs are good climbers, runners and swimmers. Their tank should be big and contain many plants and branches, on which they can climb. They also should be provided with freshwater bowl, that they can swim in easy and enough substrate to bury themselves in. These frogs are good eaters and prey on everything that they can fit into their mouths. As they are really sociable, it is advised to keep them in groups.

Breeding: Two things constitute a breeding success. First, what we don’t have much impact on, is how the frogs like each other. The other part, however is quite easy, as it is only achieved by duplicating natural air conditions. First, you need to start dry period and then make a rainchamber, which both takes 2-3 months. During rainchamber season you have to clean it everyday and feed your frogs time to time. Tank itself shouldn’t contain any substrate or hideouts – the only land they are supposed to have should be a big branch and the bottom should be covered in water, around 10 cm deep. Amplexus can last for few days.

Female usually lays less than hundred eggs. Tadpole metamorphosis into frog can take even 100 days. During this time, tadpoles need fresh water and some algae to eat. It is important to add something that will aerate the water (can be either aerator or water plants). It is extremely hard to keep tadpoles alive. Water temperature should be 18-20 C

There is also an ALTERNATIVE METHOD of breeding, that one of my friends told me about. In this way of keeping, frogs are constantly kept in tank with 100% humidity and around 18-20 C degrees (and only few degrees in water), that makes them breed twice a year and tadpole development seems to last even more than 250 days, but same as with other frogs, colder water is saver and slower development (and it makes the frogs much bigger).

Additional information: Make sure your frogs cannot escape, as they are good with escaping. Call is bit loud and the frogs are really talkative.


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