Frogs vs Law – how to check is your amphibian legal or not?

So, it’s me again. Had a lots of work and health issues recently, so I was silent. Today, I wanted to write two articles – this is first one and the shorter of them. This can be obvious to most people who visit this site, but I think it should still be posted here.. just in case.

  • Check is the frog (or any other animal you want to buy) listed on CITES list here
  • Check your country/state regulations – in some places some species can be illegal and you are not allowed to keep nor sell them. If your country changed exotic animal law regulations, you have usually some time to take care of new home for your pupil – you can either go to other country with it, give it to a zoo (or other place that is allowed to have such animals) or sell it to someone from abroad, if transporting it will be allowed of course.
  • In case of buying animal listed on CITES list always ask seller to show you the documents. If they don’t have it, it means either they forgot to take them or they are just selling illegal animals.




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