My frogs and breeding

I currently don’t have so many species and I have lost some rare frogs last year, so I don’t plan a lots of breeding for this year.

Bombina orientalis – These were my first frogs and I still have a small group breeding each year.  In 2015 I have got albino tadpoles but they all died.


Bombina orientalis offspring hatched 2014

Pyxicephalus edulis – I have got pair of these frogs some time ago and they are really great. They are huge, aggressive and they love to bite. They are my biggest frogs and probably only big frogs that feel awesome on bug-only diet. I was trying to breed them twice, but without any success.


Pyxicephalus edulis, when it was younger and less agressive 😉

Afrixalus fulvovittatus – these are the frogs that I identifed due to photos in the internet only, so I really don’t know are they specimens of this or another species, I just bought them as “Afrixalus sp”. From seven frogs that I got, only four survived. In 2016 they called during their time in rainchamber, but they refused to lay eggs. Probably they were too young..


Afrixalus fulvovittatus or this called “Invisible frog”

Kassina senegalensis – personally, Kassina are my favorite frogs. These are frogs that I have really bad luck however – from fourteen frogs that I have bought during 2016 winter all turned to be males. Funniest thing is, I actually have knowledge how to breed this and the other species of the genus.


Kassina senegalensis – these frogs are just too cute!

Kassina maculata – bigger and fatter, K. maculata is also my favorite frog. In 2016 I have made my frogs enough happy to lay eggs, but nothing has hatched. Few months later, accident happen and four frogs (including both females died), so I have only four males right now.


Kassina maculata – as you can see, they don’t mind handling them

Kaloula pulchra – chubby frogs are my mothers favorites and I must say, their grupy faces are just hilarious. I have four of these fatties now – they are big, grumpy and they don’t want to breed. I don’t think I should try to make them lay eggs this year.


Kaloula pulchra or The Grumpy Frog

Trachycephalus nigromaculatus – these are first frogs that I ever ordered, instead of transporting them on my own. Thankfully, shop did it really well and all eight are still alive. However, if you don’t like very loud animals, I suggest that you shouldn’t buy these frogs.


Trachycephalus nigromaculatus – from a little cutie to a monster 😉

Occidozyga lima – probably funniest species of all that I have got. They float on the water surface and they are yet so good swimmers and jumpers. But what is also funny about them? That, that I have probably bred them and since then, I cannot tell are the tadpoles (or, are these tadpoles?) still there.


Occidozyga lima – during big cleaning in their tank